The Universal Signature Solution : Electronic Signature Vs Digital Signature

With the advent of internet technology the business environment has undergone fundamental changes and among these is e-commerce. The manner of exchanging business documents has changed as well, and now people exchange them via the internet. To be sure that the documents in exchange between the two parties are authentic and have integrity, some companies have resorted to using digital signatures. The latter facilitate safe exchange of business documents as they offer a way of testing these qualities in a document. Companies across the world are concerned about the safety of their documents given the explosion of organisations that prefer to exchange their documents and data electronically.

Digital Signatures

Digital signatures are created by a succession of mathematical processes that change data into specially coded “message digest.” Such data includes Word documents, XML files or PDF. The sender of the documents will encrypt the digital signature and attaché it or embed it in a file and send the whole package to the recipient. The recipient, on the other hand, will decrypt the message and go on to determine its integrity and authenticity. One way of telling that the document is real is by checking to see if the digital signature matches the sender’s identity. If the digital signature received matches the message digest as calculated by the recipient, then it will be authentic. This also means that there were no changes made after the signing of the document. A digital signature is equivalent to a stamped seal or handwritten signature. Digital signatures can be used on documents such as electronic mail, contracts, or messages sent via other cryptographic protocol.

Electronic Signature or e-Signature

An e-signature is basically an electronic process, symbol or sound logically associated or attached to contracts or other records. It is adopted or executed by people who intend to sign the contract or record it.

Features of e-Signature Software

Some of the best e-signature software entails an extensive and flexible set of features. When looking for e-signature software, most people will look for attributes such as security, scalability and reliability. However, it is important to be wise when choosing the bet e-signature software; you should consider the scope of the project, the cost in relation to your budget, the complexity of your project and preferred method of deployment. This will also make the entire project successful


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